Consumer Goods

Modern. Convenient. Interactive.

The kinds of items purchased by people around the world for use in their homes or everyday lives is broad. As today's consumers, we expect high quality, low cost, and the latest advances in technology in every product we buy. Our products span a wide array of market segments from consumer electronics, to household items, building materials, plumbing fixtures, jewelry, and more.

Our aesthetic finishes and functional coatings protect the surfaces of everything from jewelry, to plastic casings for many kinds of products, to plumbing fittings. Our surface protection and display films provide high tech scratch and chemical resistance for signs, screens, and human-machine interfaces. Televisions, smart appliances, home assistants and more are powered by the differentiated solutions provided by our printed circuit board, soldering, and advanced packaging products. The modern lifestyle would not be possible without the types of chemicals and materials we help create.